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By Charles L. Hoffman, Jr., Lt Col USAF-Retired

In the early 1990s I asked my father to write down some of his memories of his combat tour with the 1st Fighter Group, 94th Fighter Squadron in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations during 1943-1944. Using his personal records, memories, and some unit histories, he compiled a chronology of his experiences.

By the mid 2000s I had edited his chronology, added photos, and was working with the American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS) to publish my father's memoirs in their quarterly journal. Unfortunately, my father died in June 2005 and he didn't get to see his memoirs published in the AAHS journal in 2006.

The button below on the left will take you to Google Docs and allow you to read his memoirs.


--Michael P. Hoffman, Lt Col USAF-Ret

In the mid-1990s I asked my father to write his memories of World War II. I had found several histories of the 1st Fighter Group and the 94th Fighter Squadron, and he used those documents, his personal records, and memories to compile a rough chronology of his tour of duty with the Army Air Force from May 1943 to August 1944.

These memories stayed in rough form for about a decade, and then I began to edit them into these Memoirs. I was working with the American Aviation Historical Society to publish these memoirs when my father died in June 2005.

The memoirs were published in two issues of the AAHS Journal in 2006, and APT Collectibles printed a limited run of the booklets the same year for the Hoffman family and immediate relatives.

Click on the button below to see the booklet. Use the + and - buttons to size the image to your needs.

--Michael P. Hoffman

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