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This photo, taken after 1939 but before America’s entry into the war, shows a North American BT-9 (forerunner of the famous AT-6 “Texan”) doing a wing-over above Randolph Field. Above the trainer’s right wing can be seen a sparsely-developed Universal City. What is notable in this photo is the how Randolph Boulevard continues straight ahead while Pat Booker road slants to the left. Long-time residents of Universal City may recall the short stretch of road between Langley and National Boulevards in the 600 Block of Pat Booker in front of the Randolph Field National Bank and the subsequent banks that occupied that structure. That short stretch of road was the remnant of the original Randolph Boulevard after the remainer was renamed Pat Booker Road. The part of Randolph Boulevard north of National Boulevard became the present alley between Rosewood and Oaklane Drives. The road at the T-intersection at the north end of Randolph Boulevard is now North Boulevard.

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