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This vertical aerial view, taken about 1933 (construction on the Randolph Base Chapel is just beginning), shows the street layout and development of Universal City and the surrounding area. Of particular interest is the network of roads that existed in and around Universal City. The streets of “Old Town” can be seen in the upper center, along with a scattering of buildings and houses. Randolph Boulevard continues north until it meets T-intersection with a cross road, which later became North Boulevard. Pat Booker Road has not yet destroyed the checkerboard layout of the farms and roads yet. Aviation Boulevard does not extend to Schertz; rather it ends just past where Trudy Lane is today—that was the extent of Universal City’s limits at that time. The vertical road at center left is Converse Road, once called Davenport Road, but now known as Old Cimarron Road. It makes a 90-degree turn in the upper left (just as it does now at Kitty Hawk Middle School) proceeds few hundred yards and then intersects with a road that comes in from the top of the photograph. That road was actually a continuation of Converse (Davenport) Road and ran north to the Austin Post Road (State Highway 2). State Highway 2 later became US Highway 81, then Interstate 35. After passing that intersection, the road became Edens Road (because it led to the Edens Farm), later Selma Road, Old Selma Road, and finally Kitty Hawk Road. The road goes several hundred yards until it reaches the familiar 90-degree turn at the entrance of what is now Universal Public Works. The road continues north and off this particular photograph. Also evident in this photograph are the towns of Schertz and Converse. (Bexar County Infrastructure Services Department)

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